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Catalog Downloads

Download and print our plant lists from here. Please note that online prices and availability are the most current and the printed prices may be subject to change.

Hosta Plants:  Hostas-2017.pdf

Daylilies:  Daylilies-2017.pdf

Lilies:  LilyBulbs-2017.pdf

Perennials for the Sun:  Sun-Perennials-2017.pdf

Perennials for the Shade:  Shade-Perennials-2017.pdf

Blank order form:  Hallsons-Orderform.pdf

If you want a hard copy of our catalog, versus viewing our catalog online, you can download them in pdf format for free by clicking on the links above. You can then save and print a copy from your computer, or view them offline. You can order online, call us toll free at (866) 568-1474, or print and mail the order form.

Please Note:  We are sorry but we do not offer a color catalog. The only printable pages are the same as the linked files above. If you want us to mail you a copy of these lists please send us $5.00 to cover the cost of postage (refundable with your next order), or order it online here: Order our Plant List online

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