Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

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Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

Postby jgh » Jul 20, 2011 9:32 am

Of course, we'd be "open for tour" on any day one of our forum friends could get here, but today is the Minnesota Hosta Society open garden tour for the Northwest quadrant of our area... so we've been battling the heat trying to get everything as ship-shape as possible before visitors (we hope) come by.

Tell your friends in the Twin Cities area. We're open until midnight - bring a flashlight if you are coming after sunset!
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Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!



Re: Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

Postby thy » Jul 20, 2011 6:45 pm

Jim, sorry, can't make is..... :wink:
But have a question,... do alll gardens have to be opened one spesial day in your area ?

Asking becaurse they have a special open garden day in Belgium, wich you are oblight to do in Belgium...and before I visit, I have never heard of it -... no need to say, we do not have it here
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Re: Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

Postby Linda P » Jul 21, 2011 9:12 am

So sorry I could not make it, Jim! I even cancelled out on an opportunity to tour the gardens at The Hosta Leaf in Colesbury, Iowa, yesterday with the Dubuque Regional Hosta Society. It was toooo hot, and my partner in hosta touring was not feeling well.
On the plus side, my son and daughter in law will be moving to Minneapolis sometime soon, probably later this year, so I will be giving you a holler when I go up to visit them next summer! :D
So, did you have many visitors? This heat is enough to make the hardiest souls opt to stay indoors!

Linda P
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Re: Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

Postby ThisIsMelissa » Jul 23, 2011 12:27 am

This tour setup is new for our area.
For the gardens who are open, there is about 2-3 hours distance between the furthest gardens, so there would be no way to feasibly be able to see everything if they were all open just one day. In fact, in Jim's quadrant, there were 12 open, but I made it to only 6 because they were so spread out.

So, the MN Hosta Society sectioned the metro area into 4 quadrants. One quadrant, per Wednesday in July. My quadrant is NEXT Wednesday and I chose my hours to be like 4:30-9:30. Jim chose his to be all day. We were each given the option of what time to have our gardens open.

This self-guided open tour format has worked well this year. It's new for us. It needs some tweaking, in my opinion, but it's been good!
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Re: Harbor Lane Gardens - open for tour today!

Postby GrannyNanny » Jul 23, 2011 9:15 pm

Jim and Sheila -- I hope your tour was a big success -- and that no one had to be carted to the ER from heatstroke! AND, Jim, I assume that your lovely lady made you take it easy when prepping the garden for the tour. I have been worrying about you overdoing it after your ordeal this past fall and winter and spring. I'm so sorry I have been incommunicado -- this moving stuff is all-consuming: of time, energy and temper! I hope to be able to visit you again when I've unpacked sufficiently to give myself some leisure for once. Love to you both, Phyllis
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