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Planting Instructions for Astilbe:

Bloom Time:  Summer Light:  Light sun to full shade
Soil:  Humus-rich, moist, woodland type soil Moisture:  Constantly moist but not waterlogged
Planting Depth:  top of crown 1" below soil, mulch 1 to 2" Spacing:  12 to 24", depending on the variety

Upon arrival:  Unpack box and check that you have everything on your packing list. Astilbe shouldn't dry out too much, even when dormant, so a little condensation in the bags is okay. Plant everything within a few days.

Soil/Location:  Plant your Astilbe in light sun to full shade in loose and airy, humus-rich soil that stays moist or is watered often. They don't mind being in some sun but avoid extremely hot areas. Add compost or peat humus to enrich and loosen the soil. Astilbe like to have lots of oxygen at their root zones so keep the soil light and airy and don't pack it in after planting.

Moisture:  Astilbe are not tolerant of drought and need to be watered often. Once they start to dry out they will wilt one day, start to curl their leaves the next day, and will be brown and crispy the third day. So if you see them wilting, water them deeply and then keep them well watered in the future for best performance.

Spacing:  12 to 24" or more, depending on the variety

Depth:  Plant your Astilbe vertically with the stems pointing up and the top of the crown about 1" below soil level. Since eyes sprout at varying depths, some will be planted deeper than others which is just fine. Astilbe c. 'Pumila' is a groundcover so plant its roots horizontally, just below the soil. Mulch your plants lightly after planting to help keep them cool and moist.

General Instructions:  Enrich your garden with generous amounts of compost or peat humus and mix a couple teaspoons of garden food or bone meal into each planting hole. Plant the roots at the depth listed, then water in really well. Your Astilbe will typically start sprouting within a few days and so long as they soil is light and airy they like to stay moist, even when dormant. Once they have sprouted keep them moist and water deeply whenever the wilt.

Landscape Uses:  Plant Astilbes with ferns, Hosta, Lobelia, Ligularia, lady's mantle (Alchemilla mollis), lungwort (Pulmonaria) and other moisture loving shade plants. Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila' will tolerate slightly drier conditions and is ideal for the shady rock garden or as a groundcover or border in the woodland garden. Plant taller astilbes at the back of the moist border among taller perennials or shrubs.

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