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Planting Instructions for Heuchera (coral bells):

Bloom Time:  Spring and summer Light:  Part sun to part shade
Soil:  Humus-rich, moist but very well-drained Moisture:  Average, allowing to dry at times
Planting Depth:  With top of roots, base of the foliage right at or slightly above the soil level Spacing: 12 to 15" apart or more for larger cultivars

Upon arrival:  Unpack box and check that you have everything on your packing list. Bare root Heuchera should be slightly dry when dormant. Plant everything within a few days.

Soil/Location:  Plant your Heuchera in part sun to part shade in humus-rich, moist but very well-draining soil. They do not tolerate heavy or wet soil so make sure the planting area is well-drained. Raised beds are ideal. Although they are often promoted as shade plants most of today's hybrids need part to almost full sun to be vigorous. Choose a spot with some bright light but shaded from the heat of the day such as an eastern exposure or high, open shade with lots of reflected light.

Moisture:  Heuchera like occasional moisture so long as the soil is very well-drained and dries out between watering. Give them good, deep, rich soil for the best growth. They will develop a deep, fibrous root system in the right conditions making them quite drought tolerant once established. If the soil is too wet or heavy they will develop a weak root system and may even rot off at soil level. If this occurs they may appear to wilt as if they need more water, but too much water is often the actual problem.

Spacing:  12 to 15" apart or more for larger cultivars

Depth:  Plant with the top of the roots, base of the foliage right at or slightly above soil level and then mulch lightly. After planting the roots should not be showing and the crown should not be buried. Some plants develop elongated stems with many growth points along the stem. If your plant looks like this it is okay to bury the stem with the main growth tip above the soil, just make sure you don't over water or the buried stem could rot.

General Instructions:  Amend your garden with compost or peat humus to enrich or loosen the soil, building up if needed. Mix a couple teaspoons of garden food or bone meal into the planting hole if desired then plant at the depth listed above, keeping the soil loose and airy. After planting you can water in once and then they prefer a bit of a dry start when they have no sprouts. Once actively growing it is okay to water once a week or so, allowing the soil to dry out between watering.

Landscape Uses:  Coral bells can be used for both foliage effect and flower. The pink and red flowers are a hummingbird favorite and provide an airy touch to the garden. Use the hybrid coral bells as foliage accents in beds and borders or with shrubs and dwarf grasses, plus they combine well with Platycodon, Aquilegia (columbine), Astrantia, Campanula, and fern leaf bleeding hearts.

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