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Planting Instructions for Iris louisiana (Louisiana iris):

Bloom Time:  Early summer Light:  Full sun to part sun
Soil:  Average to rich, moist to wet Moisture:  Average to wet
Planting Depth:  Top of rhizome at soil level, mulch 1 to 2" Spacing:  15 to 18"

Upon arrival:  Unpack box and check that you have everything on your packing list. Louisiana iris likes to be slightly dry when dormant, but some condensation in the bag is okay. Plant everything within a few days.

Soil/Location:  Louisiana iris like full sun to part sun and are native to wet areas but are adaptable to just about any good soil with frequent watering. For best growth and blooms choose a low lying area that stays damp or plant them near a bog, stream, or pond.

Moisture:  They are adaptable to average conditions but also enjoy regular watering and will grow well in areas with constant moisture.

Spacing:  15 to 18" apart

Depth:  Plant the rhizomes so that they are completely covered with the top of the rhizome just at or slightly below the soil. Mulch them with 1 to 2" of mulch to keep them cool and moist in the summer and help prevent frost heave in the winter.

General Instructions:  Amend your garden with compost or peat humus to enrich the soil. Louisiana iris prefer a location with constant moisture but are adaptable to any good soil with frequent watering. Mix a couple teaspoons of garden food or bone meal into the planting area and plant at the depth listed above. After planting water in once really good and then water occasionally only if the soil dries out. After they are sprouted and actively growing water deeply a few times a week, if needed, for best growth.

Landscape Uses:  Louisiana iris are beautiful late blooming iris that work in the mixed perennial garden but are also excellent for low lying areas, ditches, ponds, swamps, bogs, or the edge of streams. Combine them with other moisture loving plants such as Chelone, Lobelia, Eupatorium, and other water loving Iris.

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