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Planting Instructions for Ligularia (ragwort):

Bloom Time:  Summer Light:  Light sun to full shade
Soil:  Humus-rich, moist to wet Moisture:  Constantly moist
Planting Depth:  Top of crown 1/2 to 1" below soil, mulch 1 to 2" Spacing:  18 to 36", depending on the variety

Upon arrival:  Unpack box and check that you have everything on your packing list. Ligularia shouldn't dry out too much, even when dormant, so a little condensation in the bags is okay. Plant everything within a few days.

Soil/Location:  Plant your Ligularia in light sun to full shade in humus-rich soil that stays constantly moist and/or is watered often. They don't mind being in some sun but avoid extremely hot and dry areas. The edge of a bog, swamp, pond or stream is ideal and essential for Ligularia 'The Rocket' and Ligularia przewalskii, however most Ligularias will adapt to the shady garden in good, rich, moisture retentive soil. Some of the best Ligularia I've grown were in low lying areas with a thick layer of rich soil above sticky clay so that the surface dried slightly but there was always moisture below.

Moisture:  Ligularia are not tolerant of drought and need to be in an area that is naturally moist or is watered often. Wilting does not always mean they are dry, though. Plants naturally conserve moisture by wilting during the heat of the day and then they will perk back up in the evening. If they do not recover after the sun moves away from them then they are indeed dry and need to be watered deeply as they mainly draw up water from their deep root tips.

Spacing:  18 to 36", depending on the variety

Depth:  Plant your Ligularia vertically with the top of the crown about 1/2 to 1" below the soil. No parts of the crown or roots should be showing after planting. Mulch your plants 1 to 2" deep after planting to help keep them cool and moist.

General Instructions:  Enrich your garden with generous amounts of compost or peat humus, add peat moss or hydrogel for moisture retention, and mix a couple teaspoons of garden food or bone meal into each planting hole. Plant the roots at the depth listed above, then water in once. Your Ligularia will typically start sprouting as soon as the soil warms and should only be watered lightly while they are dormant and putting out new roots. Once they are actively growing water them often and water them deeply to encourage deep roots.

Landscape Uses:  Ligularias are bold plants for the shady edges of ponds, streams, swamps and bogs. Plant them with ferns, Hosta, Lobelia, Astilbe, lady's mantle (Alchemilla mollis), lungwort (Pulmonaria), Rodgersia, and other moisture loving shade plants. Ligularia 'Desdemona', 'Little Lantern', and 'Britt Marie Crawford' are somewhat more drought tolerant but Ligularia przewalskii and 'The Rocket' must be grown moist to wet to flourish.

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