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Planting Instructions for Podophyllum (mayapple):

Bloom Time:  Spring Light:  Part shade to full shade
Soil:  Humus-rich, moist but well-drained, woodland type soil Moisture:  Average but consistent
Planting Depth:  Top of crown 1 to 2" below soil, mulch 1 to 2" Spacing:  18 to 24"

Upon arrival:  Unpack box and check that you have everything on your packing list. Podophyllum prefers to be just slightly dry when dormant, so if condensation has formed on the inside of the bag you should open it, let it air out, then close it again. Plant everything within a day or two.

Soil/Location:  Plant your Podophyllum in part shade to full shade in loose and airy, humus-rich, moist but well-draining woodland conditions. Add compost or peat humus to enrich and loosen the soil, as needed, and avoid areas with wet, heavy clay.

Moisture:  Podophyllum like even moisture for best growth but prefer to be slightly dry when dormant. Water them deeply if they wilt and allow the soil to dry slightly between watering, however excessive drought may cause them to go summer dormant.

Spacing:  18 to 24"

Depth:  Plant your Podophyllum with top of the crown about 1 to 2" below soil level and mulch 1 to 2". Planting them deeply can help keep them cool and moist plus can help them stay dormant longer in the spring as the Asian mayapple are very sensitive to late spring frosts.

General Instructions:  Enrich your garden with generous amounts of compost or peat humus and mix a couple teaspoons of garden food or bone meal into the planting hole. Plant the roots at the depth listed, then water in once. Your Podophyllum will start sprouting as soon as the soil warms. Water only if it is very dry but for the most part you don't want to encourage them to grow too soon as they can be sensitive to late spring frosts and too much moisture while dormant may cause the roots to rot. Once sprouted water them regularly letting the soil dry out slightly between watering.

Landscape Uses:  Mayapple are wonderful plants for their stately and attractive foliage and interesting flowers and fruit. The native mayapple are spreading plants that will colonize and naturalize in the moist woodland garden, taking up a considerable amount of space in time. The Asian mayapple such as Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' PP#17361 and Podophyllum 'Kaleidoscope' PP#14460 are clumping plants that are very attractive in the mixed woodland garden with hostas, ferns, Astilbe, Ligularia, and woodland wildflowers.

Important Note:  The Asian mayapple are very sensitive to late spring frosts. Be sure to cover them with a blanket if they have sprouted and frost is predicted. They will die back even with the lightest frosts. In our trials we found that Podophyllum 'Kaleidoscope' PP#14460 was more sensitive to this, taking months to produce new foliage after a light frost. Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' PP#17361, on the other hand, recovered much quicker and showed much more vigor in our zone 5 gardens and growing areas.

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