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Hosta 'Lakeside Ripples'

Hosta 'Lakeside Ripples'
Hosta 'Lakeside Ripples'
Availability Ships April to early November
Plant Size 2nd year divisions, freshly dug and shipped bare root
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Hosta 'Lakeside Ripples'

(Chastain 1991)

Clump Size: (L) 48" x 24"

Leaf Size: 12" x 9" -- Vein Pairs: 14

Description: This hosta has slightly glossy, medium green leaves with a nice rippled edge. The foliage is held somewhat horizontally on stiff, upright petioles, making a large, vase shaped clump.

Blooms: White flowers bloom on sturdy stems in June.

Comments: The ripples edges are very attractive and get even better as it matures. Its upright, vase shaped growth helps this one stand out in the garden.

Light: Part sun to full shade. -- Soil: Humus-rich, moist soil.

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Zones: 2 - 8

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Patrick
    Seeing ‘Lakeside Ripples’ in person really opened my eyes to how beautiful this hybrid is. Prior, I had only ever seen pictures on the internet and was never much impressed.
    This hosta has such a distinct upright style. The way the leaves are held almost horizontal with just enough of the tip leaning down gives it a very strong ‘fountain’ appearance. The rippled edges also help to dramatically further this effect.
    In my opinion, it’s best viewed from a bit of a distance to allow the entire shape of the plant to be seen.
    Given its mature size, I think it would be too big for anything other than the back of a bed, or center of an island bed as the focus.

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