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Hosta 'The King'

Hosta 'The King'
Availability Ships April to early November
Plant Size 3rd year, single eye field grown plant, freshly dug and shipped bare root
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Hosta 'The King'

(Schwarz 2007)

Clump Size: (ML) 36" x 19"

Leaf Size: 9" x 8" -- Vein Pairs: 12 - 15

Description: Heart-shaped, wavy leaves are blue-green turning green with a beautiful yellow margin that jets back into the center. The edge lightens to creamy yellow and creamy white by the end of the summer and the leaves continue to hold on and look great well into the fall.

Blooms: Pale lavender flowers bloom in midsummer.

Comments: Hosta 'The King' is the edge stabilized sport of the streaked Hosta 'Sir Richard' that looks nice all summer long and well into the fall, long past the time when other variegated hostas are starting to look ratty. There is a companion hosta to this one called Hosta 'The Queen' that is a middle variegated plant, but unfortunately it is a really poor plant that mostly died or refused to grow for us, so stick with this one and don't worry about trying its partner.

Light: Light sun to full shade. -- Soil: Humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil.

Related Plants: Sir Richard, The Queen

Zones: 2 - 8

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kris
    The King is a very beautiful Hosta. It will be incredibly stunning when it reaches its full maturity.
    The colors, the waves, the shape, and the texture of the leaves go together in a lovely way on this Hosta.
    Just a FYI - It does seem sensitive to sun, so make sure it only gets a small amount of morning sun only. I had it in a container on my deck that gets sun from 9am-1pm and the edges on the leaves started to brown quite quickly. This was happening in late May, and I live in Wisc. Now that I have it moved where it only gets 2-3hrs morning sun, it is doing much better.
    However, It does seem to dry out faster than my other Hosta that are in containers too, and they all have the same soil mix. I water them all daily, or as needed.

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