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Terms & Conditions

  • Order Fulfillment: Items ordered are reserved in the order they are received, regardless of ship date. All nursery stock is subject to crop. We will do our best to fill your order as placed but are bound by growing conditions and other factors beyond our control. In the event that an item you ordered is not available we will contact you to discuss possible substitutions or refunds. We will not substitute an item without your permission.
  • Payment: Prepayment is required before any orders are shipped. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks, and money orders. Credit cards are billed upon order placement unless you select the box during checkout to save your credit card details with our credit card processor.  When you select the box at checkout to save your credit card then your order will be billed at shipping. Payment must be made in US dollars and all prices quoted on the website are in US dollars. When paying by check or money order we must receive payment prior to shipment. Sorry, but we do not extend credit due to too many unpaid shipments, and we do not accept PayPal or other third party payment processors due to the extra time and higher costs to process these types of payments.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee that your order will arrive in good condition, that your plants will grow, and that your plants are healthy and true to name. We do our best to insure that only healthy, viable plants are shipped. If an item does not look good or appears to have a problem upon arrival you must report the problem within 3 days of arrival so that we can correct the situation. If an otherwise healthy looking plant fails to grow you must contact us within 60 days. We will replace, refund, or credit the cost of the plant, plus a prorated shipping credit, at our discretion. If you received discounted shipping or free shipping then the credit or refund would be only for the actual cost of the plant. For best consideration please provide a picture of the items in question, when possible. We guarantee your plants for 60 days from the time of shipment but we cannot guarantee plant survival in your garden due to conditions beyond our control. However, if you do have trouble please let us know and we'll do our best to help you out. Plants that are shipped in the fall will be guaranteed to grow the following spring. Claims should be made as soon as possible to give us a chance to replace any problem items. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for the plants. We are sorry, but claims received after 60 days from the time your order was delivered will be respectfully declined.
  • Claims: Claims for shipping, packaging, or picking problems must be made within 3 days of receipt, so please carefully check your entire shipment upon arrival and report any plant problems immediately. Do not wait! Problems with plant growth must be claimed within 60 days. Claims for trueness should include a picture of the item so that we may double check the item shipped. Please note that young plants may look quite different from a mature one, and under no circumstance can we be held responsible for the true appearance of the plant as compared to pictures in other catalogs or gardens. If the plant that you receive matches the description and/or photograph as they appear in our catalog, and we believe the plant you received is correct, we may politely ask you to allow the plant more time to mature and have a chance to show its true colors, habit, or appearance and can revisit your claim in future seasons. With all claims we will work with you the best we can to make sure your shopping experience remains a good one and we apologize in advance should any problems arise.
  • Returns: Returns are not accepted and are usually not necessary. If you think it is necessary to return an item for some reason you must contact us in advance. We will first work with you to resolve the problem and determine if a return is absolutely necessary. Most of the time we can resolve the matter in other ways. Any returns received without prior contact or authorization, but are still packaged and were never planted, will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and any outbound or inbound shipping will not be refunded. Once the plants have been opened and planted we cannot accept them back under any circumstances.
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